A salesperson's best friend.

Faidoe takes all the manual work out of prospecting by sending highly personalised emails on your behalf, to exactly the right audience, following up with those prospects consistently, scheduling them in for sales meetings, and delivering them straight to your calendar. It engages a much larger audience and reaches out to them more consistently and efficiently that a person ever could.

We work with you to establish your customer profile so Faidoe is only reaching out to exactly the right contacts for your business.

Our handlers train your Faidoe to execute a compelling sales nurturing campaign, personalized to your business.

Your Faidoe starts running, processing hundreds of new prospect follow ups every single day.

Faidoe engages with positive responders and schedules them for a meeting with you.

The Future of Sales Automation

Faidoe is the leading solution for automated sales outreach as part of a fully managed and customized service.

Do you struggle to connect with cold prospects?

Every sales person does. You’ve got to send out hundreds of cold emails, follow up with them consistently, and in a timely manner, and keep doing it, day in, day out. Faidoe does this all for you, allowing you to focus your attention on buyers, not prospects.

The right message to the right person – It’s at the heart of what we do.

We only reach out to contacts within your agreed Ideal Customer Profile. And we make sure that your product or service is relevant to them. It’s the only way to connect with people and uncover genuine interest.

Interested and engaged hot prospects, delivered direct to your inbox.

Once a prospect engages, Faidoe schedules a sales meeting and delivers the meeting time and full details about the customer, directly to you.

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