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We developed Faidoe because, we believe there is a better way to generate meetings. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned through genuine interest and personalized conversations.

Not enough hours in the day!

How much time do you spend on outbound prospecting? When you’re doing cold outreach, there comes a point when you realise that you’re spending a whole lot of time doing far too much repetitive work.

Do you spend your entire morning sending out cold emails and follow ups? Many sales people end up doing the same thing: We have to deal with copying and pasting, constant data entry, regularly going through our inbox, remembering who we’ve responded to, who we haven’t – and that’s before you think about the hours you spend searching for the right prospects. And if we want to increase our cold outreach, we have to take even more time out of our day for it. It can get really time consuming.

Let Faidoe do the time-consuming work, and deliver the meetings you need, straight to you.

Powerful Lead Generation

Everyone needs more leads but companies don’t know how to approach cold prospects or how to engage them to action. They don’t have time to research their full audience base and to find the best data to connect them to those contacts. And no-one has the time to keep engaging these contacts, every day in a consistent and strategic way.

Faidoe helps to solve these problems by using the latest technology to eliminate wasted resource, and create a powerful, consistent, source of new business.

Accurate Compliant Leads

At the heart of any prospecting outreach campaign is the leads. Firstly it needs to be relevant to you and your business. There is no point in marketing your product or service to contacts for whom it is just not relevant. It’s a waste of everybody’s time. We work with you to ensure that your Faidoe is reaching out to people that your company is relevant to.

Secondly, the leads needs to be accurate. We work with some of the best leads sources in the country so that the actions that your Faidoe takes are not a waste of time. We want to generate results for you and that isn’t going to happen using inaccurate leads

Lastly, the leads needs to be compliant. We ensure that both the leads and the email content and style, is fully compliant in every way.

Where does the name “Faidoe” come from?

Well, Fido was mans best friend so we created Faidoe, a sales persons best friend. Much like a real dog, Faidoe is trainable, hard working, loyal and by your side, night and day. They come on their own or as part of a pack. Think of Faidoe as your personal meeting “fetcher”.

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